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I thought UKers might like to know that Straightheads is on Channel 4 tonight at 11:10pm. Right after a documentary on 9/11. A cheerful night of telly all round, then.

Straightheads update

For all those outside of the UK, who unfortunatly did not get Straightheads released in cinemas yesterday, there is some good news. The official straightheads site has been updated with three new clips from the film. All three clips contain images that we have seen before in both the trailer and photos that have been released. Please note that the final clip on the site, to what is probably nobody's surprise is quite violent.

Oh. My. Goddess.


I saw it!!!!! (spoiler free post)

at a screening here in CA. i'm still in shock that i actually saw it. last week i was in agony (lol) that it was going into release in another country, and since i just can't live without spoilers, i figured i'd just be reading about it and living vicariously through all of you in the UK! its hard to say i loved the film, simply because its so dark, that doesn't seem like an appropriate word, you know? but i can't wait to see it again! and again..... ;)

For anyone in the UK

Danny Dyer will be on the Charlotte Church show at 10pm tonight, channel four. I'm assuming it's to promote Straightheads rather than Outlaw(?), which is his other film out at the moment, but it may be both.

Pics from the site

Images from Straightheads.com.
Some we have seen, some we haven't seen.

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Official website.

The official site is now up if you want to check it out.



Just a gentle nudge to get you all to check out our new layout, thanks to splodge04. Very atmospheric and in keeping with Straightheads, don'tcha think?

Competition Results

After a really close race with this entry by splodge04, our winner of the header competition is peacelove_happy, with the entry below the cut. Thank you again to everyone who participated, our new layout will be up and running shortly, thanks to splodge04.

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